Starter Staples

I will of course advocate to experiment with a lot of different vegetables, but if you’re stuck on your first grocery shop in the fruit and veg aisle, here are a few pointers.

  • Onion and Garlic. These are a fantastic base of every meal, and flavour as well as vitamins.
  • Carrots, Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach. These foods are incredibly versatile and the very first vegetables I add to my shopping list. They also fulfill the idea of ‘eating the rainbow,’ more infomation about that can be found here
    • Carrots: Because carrots are a naturally sweet vegetable they compliment many meals. They go great in a stir fry, roasted vegetables, grated into a bolognese sauce for a veggie boost, or chopped up as a snack
    • Tomato: The perfect accompaniment to toast, a big breakfast, a sandwich, a salad, or made into a sauce or a soup.
    • Mushroom:  Mushrooms are great for pretty much any of previously mentioned meals, plus they absorb flavour super well. There are so many different kinds, and they’re a great meat replacement because the texture.
    • Spinach: Chock full of vitamins and nutrients, and it doesn’t carry a strong flavour so you can stir it through any meal. Plus they go great in smoothies!
  • Beef Mince and Chicken (optional): These are usually the most flexible, cheapest and easiest to cook meats. Mince can make pasta sauce, burgers, meatballs, nachos, you name it, and chicken can go into curries, stir fries, pastas, wraps, and the leftovers can be tossed through a salad.

Obviously there are a lot more delicious and nutritious vegetables to add to your list, but these are some great essentials to get you started.

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