Veggie Burger

VZucchini-Lentil Veggie Burgereggie burgers are one of my favourite ways to feel like a having a really indulgent meal, but really I’m filling myself up with vegetables. I’ve tried and tested a lot of veggie patties ideas, some successful, and some not. Here are some of the most important tips.

  • Binding ingredients: Egg and some sort of flour/ bread crumb are vital in keeping the patty together.
    • Eggs are fantastic for binding, plus they add protein and healthy fats. For any vegans out there I’m still working on figuring out a way to bind patties without animal product, and I will share this when I have a breakthrough.
    • Flour is vital for binding. I like to mix it up by using panko bread crumbs sometimes, and for a gluten free option, tapioca starch works really well.
    • Legumes, eg. lentils and kidney beans, when mashed are great binding ingredients. But if you’re cooking them from dry beans, be sure to get the moist out of them, which leads to the next tip.
  • Avoid soggy vegetables!: Vegetables are great but most of them carry a lot of water. To rectify this, you can go a couple of things
    • Water heavy veggies like zucchini or beetroot can be grated, and then drained of water by wrapping them in clothe and wringing them out. Do this for your legumes if you’ve cooked them from dry beans.
    • Sweet potatoes are great in veggie burgers, but instead of cooking them in water before mashing them for a patty, roast them to dry them out a little whilst softening them
  • Seasoning: Adding flavour into your mixture is key
    • Finely chopped onion and garlic are always delicious
    • Spices
    •  such as cumin and paprika can add that awesome bbq flavour to your patties
    • And don’t forget the salt and pepper
  • Cook low and slow: When you’ve finished making your batter for the patties, you can just spoon up a portion and stick in a pan to fry, flattening it down with a spatula. Just keep heat low so it doesn’t burn, and it can cook all the way through to the centre, and try to only flip it once.

So with those tips, your veggie patty experiment can begin! My favourite recipes at the moments are beetroot and kidney beans, and zucchini and lentil (pictured.)

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