Bechamel Sauce (Vegan Option and GF option)

Knowing how to make bechamel, or white sauce, is a super useful skill to have. You can use it in pastas, lasagne, pretty much anything you want to make creamy.

It is a vegan/ lactose intolerant nightmare because of all the dairy, so I’ll include options for everyone, including a gluten free option.

Traditional bechamel is about a cup of milk, a couple of spoons of butter, and a small handful of flour. Here are the most important steps.

  • Melt the butter. On a very low heat, slowly melt the butter.
    • Vegan option – use nuttelex or your choice of non-dairy spread
  • Pour the milk over the butter.
    • Vegan option – Use non-dairy milk. Try and find one intended for ‘barista use’ because they are the least prone to separating, and usually the creamiest.
    • Lactose intolerant option – Use lactose free milk or the vegan option.
  • Sprinkle the flour on top.
    • GF option – Use gluten free flour. I prefer something like linseed meal because linseed is a great binding ingredient, so it’ll make the sauce nice and thick.
  • Salt and Pepper.
    • Just a little bit for flavour. Chuck in any other herbs or spices you think would work as well.
  • Whisk and heat.
    • Turn up the heat and see the milk start to bubble (not too much, it will burn), then keep in on low-medium, and whisk everything together.
    • It will take about 5ish minutes to get nice and thick, just be patient.
  • When all else fails
    • If it doesn’t thicken very well, try adding a touch more flour.
    • If that doesn’t work, and even if it does work, add about a handful of grated cheese!
      • Vegan option – I have found vegan mozzarella works really well.
      • Lactose intolerant – Use a hard grated cheese like cheddar or parmasan, or the vegan option.

I do apologise that this is more of a recipe than this site promises but to sum up:

  • Melt butter, add milk, add flour, heat up, don’t burn, whisk til thick, adjust with more flour or cheese.


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